Whole30 Challenges: Quick, Cheap and Conscientious


I know that Whole9 (originators of Whole30) recommend everyone eat organic, grass fed, super duper premium meats. But that shiz is expensive! I would absolutely love to eat this way, and do on occasion when I find a deal that works within my meager and well detailed budget (Have I mentioned that my Dude is an analyst. #Spreadsheetsforeverything). But instead, I do as suggested in this Paleo Poor guide by Whole9, and cut off and strain fat where all the residual dietary Klingons are stored. And honestly, I used to be vegetarian because I like animals so much that I sometimes have a hard time eating them. Sometimes I don’t have a hard time, like when food is iresistably covered in bbq sauce,  but since I have been on Whole30, my meat cooking skills have been seriously undermined!  That said, I do the best I can [afford to] to eat clean. But it’s hard to be a broke and conscientious consumer. Here are couple things I’ve been doing to save on time and money with quality of food in mind:

local ostrich eggs for saleeat pallets of eggs. I feel that eggs are a more affordable clean protein option. In fact, you can find amazing eggs: duck eggs, pastured chicken eggs, ostrich eggs, ALL KINDS OF EGGS at the Creamery in Pike Place Market (Economy Market Building) here in Seattle. Also, urban homesteading? That’s a great way to get your eggs if you’ve got the space! Our West Seattle farmer’s market has a worthwhile egg selection, but so do some of our grocery stores. Desirable eggs are easier to come by and more affordable than clean meat. So, tis eggs for this popper!

My other Whole30 challenge is finding the time to cook. I know, you all can relate, right? I fashion most meals from scratch, but I have to cook them fast because I have two young children, I work part-time, I preside over a board, I answer roughly a million emails a day and love to be outside, and not inside, cooking all the time. So even though the prospect of experimenting in my kitchen makes me giddy, it’s not always a realistic venture. I often sometimes need to be lazy.  To solve this dilemma, I’ve been eating what I like to call, vegetable filler.  It looks like something you’d feed to a rabbit. When I don’t want to cook vegetables I just mound this veggie mix on my plate with some easy additions. I purchase the mix from Trader Joes and it’s only $1.99 for 16oz net wt. After tossing it with meat or fish, I add raw cashews and some lemon juice or oil and vinegar dressing,through in some avocado or red onion and ta da! A super fast a deliciously healthy meal. This mix is a welcome addition for fritatas or you can make a slaw with it for topping pulled pork or braised chicken! I love to toast cumin seeds in a pool of olive oil and then toss the oil and cumin with this mixture, chopped apples and sea salt for a quick refreshing salad.


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