Little Brother Is A Photobomber

Mommy, take my picture! Pleeease take my picture. 

Meanwhile, the stealthy and

devious little brother is at work.


He sneaks behind his big brother. I should have been born first, he thinks. I want all the attention! Look at me, I’m soooo attention starved!


Oh, Me, ME! The spotlight is on me! What a glorious feeling!  Hmm, how to tell my bro that this is my picture?  Mine, mine, mine! I should let him down easy. Oh, I know. I’ve got the perfect thing for a delicate situating like this


 Hey Big Brother! Check this out!


I‘m doing it! This is the greatest picture ever! Imagine my face. An 8×10. Over the fireplace. Fo Sho peeps!


What do you mean, Finn wants this picture all to himself? Seriously!?!  I cannot agree to those terms.


Big brother tackles the wee photobomber.


Moments later the “Super Big Boy” throws his pants on the floor, fastens a cape around his neck and rides around on a scooter into the sunset of a little brother’s nap time. I don’t need any attention at all. See, I don’t even need to look at the camera. Did you catch the sunbeam highlighting my facial profile? How’s this angle working for me?



These are my two very attention starved boys. Can you tell, I don’t pay any attention to them, ever.

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